Cloud backup,

Real time data is as essential to the running of business operations as is its preservation and maintenance. In fact, the success or failure of all business systems is completely dependent on interpreting this form of data. Hence proper storage of this essential data becomes a vital task that the management needs to take before it gets too late. As experienced cloud storage providers, MPS Tech reviews the requirements of the client and accordingly offers some of the most effective data backup solutions. Cloud backup is one of the most effective solutions today as it of great use during disaster recovery and in turn for business continuity.

Cloud backup involves saving essential and sensitive data of the organization to an offsite or remote server by using a public or private network. The obvious advantage of the cloud backup system is that it can be accessed from any location. It is convenient, flexible and most importantly a great tool for data backup. Our clients place immense trust in our solutions and rely completely on us not only to provide the best data backup services but also on our backup hardware systems and redundancy methods.

Hybrid data backup is a combination of both a cloud backup and local storage that are integrated in a way that critical data is unharmed in case of any type of system breakdown. Depending on the capacity of storage required; bandwidth and number of users, our data backup services team identifies and determines the technicalities of cloud backup required by the customer. A data backup service, as provided by MPS Tech is unique and customized, specific to each and every customer’s need.

A hybrid data backup service system ensures that all critical data are automatically saved on a remote server in the cloud. Alongside there is a local backup that is enabled on a drive called the network attached storage (NAS) on the local network or USB hard drive. The objective of the hybrid is to protect critical data, in case of failure of the local drive; the data can be accessed from the cloud storage via a web interface from virtually any location. The hybrid data backup allows for full or partial backup. As the name suggests, full system backup allows for recovery of all files and data and partial backup involves regaining part of the operating system and files that were pre-decided by the client. Compared to a traditional offsite backup or a stand-alone cloud backup, the hybrid cloud backup solution is a better protection strategy.

With our expertise and experience in data backup services, we are one of the leading cloud storage providers in the country. Our cloud backup solutions have helped reduce costs of disaster recovery storage and business continuity solutions significantly. Compared to the prices of the cloud backup systems a few years back, they are highly cost effective now – so much so that even small and medium scale businesses can budget and afford a suitable hybrid data backup solution.

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