MPS Tech’s core strength: Disaster Recovery Services in New York

Disaster Recovery service providers help organizations in avoiding technical disasters by providing a proactive and systematic plan for effective business continuity at affordable costs and investment. As business grows, the processes and systems required to run the system gets more and more complex. The main objective of an effectual business continuity disaster recovery system is to ensure that critical business data is out of harm’s way at all times. As technology develops and we move towards multi-cloud platform, businesses need to seriously consider the implementation of a business disaster recovery system so that they are able to maintain customer confidence and retain the brand value at all times.

MPS Tech is one of the premier disaster recovery service providers enabling services related to data backup and recovery in NY for the past decade with overwhelming confidence and trust of our clients. Our business continuity systems are affordable, scalable and one of the most efficient ones in the market today. At Midatlantic we always advise our clients to equip themselves with a workable and smart business continuity disaster recovery system at the onset itself and not wait for the last moment when a disaster is literally knocking at the door.

The NYC Disaster Recovery Solutions from the house of MPS Tech are characterized by

  • powerful data protection
  • safe and consistent cloud storage
  • local and hybrid backup options
  • applicable across all types of industries, whether small and medium scale businesses or even the larger organizations

We are one the best providers of disaster recovery services in Long Island as disaster recovery solutions have been our specialized and core area of focus from the beginning itself. The reason why our customers place their unwavering trust and confidence in us is because of the distinctive features of our business continuity solutions. They are:-

  • Physical on-site unit: we design and install the business disaster recovery system at the client’s premise for greater effectiveness and superior performance
  • ITB-60TB: the internal hard drive capacity ranges between 1 terabyte to 60 terabytes
  • Instant Off-site virtualization of servers: As a prime player of disaster recovery services in New York, we create virtualized recovery solutions and host it either locally (onsite) or remotely (offsite) in the fastest time possible. Our recovery systems are able to successfully recover aged data too.
  • Hybrid virtualization: our business disaster recovery solutions connect offsite virtualization with local virtualization with a simple click of a mouse.
  • Local and offsite file level restore: As a preferred NYC disaster recovery solutions provider we provide for state-of-the-art local backup solutions or a backup at the offsite datacenters for ensuring proper storage of data. This data is recoverable thereby offsetting all disaster related scenarios.
  • VMDK/VHD export: the virtual machine disk and virtual hard drive are used to store virtual disks. The export image function allows the user to recover images as a VMDK or VHD-linked virtual hard disk
  • Screenshot Backup Verification™ - this is the surest way of backup and disaster recovery verification process that uses single screen shot verification method or time-lapse screenshots that record the entire virtual process. The latter is a better method as it provides a detailed verification process and thereby faster recovery in the shortest possible time, as a result of which the business continuity is never hampered.
  • Bare Metal Restore – Bare metal restore reformats a computer from scratch by reinstalling the operating system and all software applications as well as data and settings when faced with a disaster
  • Message Level Exchange Recovery – this form of data backup and recovery in NY also facilitates recovery of individual messages from an exchange database.
  • Granular SharePoint Recovery – for fast and easy restoration of SharePoint sites, documents, libraries and lists.
  • End to End Encryption – an effective business continuity disaster recovery that enables only authorized users to read messages thereby removing all chances of distortion or tampering of message or data. The high level technology blocks off all third parties and unauthorized users to access and enter the network and decipher the data that has been stored on the server or is flowing though the network.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage Capabilities – Cloud storage enables storage of huge amount of digital data in logical pools. Our strong and robust offsite storage system is leased out to our clients so that data that are crucial to run their business is retained in a safe and secure manner.
  • Backup Insights – our business continuity solutions are competent to rapidly identify and display what has been modified, created or deleted between two consecutive backups. This is accessed through remote web interface to track all changes between two recovery points.
  • Unlimited Agent Licensing
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support – our experienced and hands-on trained technical support team from the business continuity disaster recovery center is available round the clock, all days of the year to assist and support our clients, not only in the event of a system failure but also in monitoring the client systems and networks attentively in order to prevent probable disaster scenarios.

We provide quality & on-time services to our valued customers.