MPS Tech, the innovative Business VoIP providers in NY

As one of the leading Business VoIP providers in NY, we are the first choice for our clients when it comes to enhancing their existing communication network to derive maximum benefit. We support our clients in smooth transitioning from their existing communication and network systems to advanced formats, with enhanced quality of voice while monitoring of bugs and exercising damage control measures.

Before the advent of internet telephony or VoIP phone service, telephone systems worked with the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) at the centre of the entire system where calls made over the landline phone – local, STD or ISD – had to pass through this system of circuit switches for establishing connection between end-to-end callers. The system operated on a simplistic principle, was extremely user-friendly and did not require much in terms of investment or technology know-how.

However as the internet evolved and the digital medium became trendy, the business phone systems too underwent a revolution. The internet touched every phase of business functioning, IT systems in companies focused on complete transformation with not much emphasis placed on telephone systems. As a result the phone system of the company failed to be compatible with upgraded computer hardware and software system and hence over a period of time, the system started showing signs of redundancy.

As smart Business VoIP providers in NY, we were one of the first to identify this challenge and accordingly geared ourselves for the new revolution. Our specialized service in this area includes but is not limited to:

  • VoIP phone service that functions based on internet technology
  • Study the existing business phone systems of the client and design the best VoIP service system to enable smooth transition to VoIP
  • We provide suggestions about the best third-party vendors called the Internet Telephony Service Provider.
  • Implement hosted VoIP or customized on-the-premise cloud system. The former is when the cloud system is located at the provider’s place and the latter is when the system is present on the office premises of the client. It involves higher initial investment and technical expertise but is one the most efficient systems helping businesses perform optimally.

Benefits of VoIP phone service

  • Cost effective in the long run: VoIP enables calls to be routed over the internet instead of the traditional PSTN circuit switches. The voice data is converted into smaller voice packets just the way emails, files, videos and other media is handled by internet technology. Handling the voice packet is similar to handling the enterprise software in the sense that they work on the same protocols and infrastructure which means no additional investment to maintain the IT network and the VoIP phone service network.
  • With effective integration between systems that use similar technical standards, interoperability can be set up. For example a company website can include a telephone number which can be dialed directly from the browser without using the phone.
  • The best part about this network is that the voice packets are not required to follow the same route and can switch to a new route in case one line is down.
  • Optimal and efficient performance: The other plus point of this network is that it enables more amount of information to be carried over the network compared to the older version.
  • The other high point of the VoIP technology is the portability factor. This means that phone calls can be made from multiple locations using the same telephone device and multiple devices can share the same phone number. In other words, all employees in a business are connected in a way that has never happened before.

As a Business VoIP provider in NY we work around these exclusive aspects to let business houses take advantage of these innovations to make their systems and processes super efficient.

As a premier VoIP service provider in the country, MPS Tech believes in the hand holding process through the entire transition process, from the beginning till the end. With growing awareness amongest clients to use modernized processes and systems like state-of-the-art business phone systems, we at MPS Tech follow dedicated designing and implementation of advanced VoIP technology enabled communication network in the most optimized manner.

We provide quality & on-time services to our valued customers.