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Network cabling system enables multiple devices, local or remote, to be connected to one another through networking hardware systems. The network cables enable transfer of data and information between the connected devices thereby acting as a carrier or a media for data flow. These days the most commonly used network cables for providing structured cabling are called the twisted pair cables. These cables comprise of four pairs of wires inside an insulated sheath of outer covering that are twisted in a way that they are not disturbed or interfered by other devices or cables nearby. The other form of cabling is the fiber optic cabling which is used for bigger setups like hospitals and airports that require much higher bandwidths and cable transmission capacity.

MPS Tech has successfully achieved a name for itself in the field of network cabling services in Long Island. For over fifteen years now, we have been providing our clients with cost-effective, practically feasible and optimized data cabling services in this part of the country – the experience has enabled us to handle all kinds of cabling related situations proficiently. When it comes to understanding the network and cabling requirements of a customer, no one can do it better than us as we are the leading providers of network cabling services in Long Island. We have an outstanding track record of this type of network cabling services in Long Island. Our expertise in network cabling solutions covers the following aspects of data cabling:

  1. Voice and data network design
  • Initial wiring of telephone system including analog lines, modems and landline
  • Install Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication system that uses internet to transfer voice and data
  1. Data cabling solutions
  • Using the copper twisted cabling we enable Gigabit Ethernet
  • Prudent use of the shielded twisted cables and the unshielded twisted pair
  • The unshielded variety is highly flexible and efficient and we propose their use to our clients as per their requirement.
  • The shielded pair is used to prevent electromagnetic interference and our clients go by our advice on the use of the same.


  1. Local Area Network
  • Our specialization lies in the area of MPLS, CAT 6 and fiber optic network designing as effective LAN solutions. LAN is a required and preferred network in businesses where there is a need to share various resources like printers, scanners, files and applications. Our perfect LAN solutions help network workstations and servers to be connected with other IT devices through structured cabling infrastructure at client premises as per their requirement
  • We also ensure proper transition from the existing system to the new system without any disruption of the company
  • The required hands-on user training is provided to the in-house IT team to be able to handle the day to day working of the network.

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